Saturday 5 August 2023

Kick Off (NES review)

Developer: Anco Software
Publisher: Imagineer
Released: 1992

Kick Off is a sports game that was released exclusively in Europe.

+ Remarkable number of modes and options on offer that allow the gameplay to be deepened or simplified as preferred.

+ Includes a HUD view of your teammates' locations, enabling you to make more intelligent decisions in the passing game.

+ Ability to swerve the ball in mid-air is reminiscent of Sensible Soccer (1992, Amiga) and makes for some creative striking.

- Blistering game speed and tough-as-nails CPU A.I. make this one of the harder NES soccer games to get to grips with.

- Opponents always seem to be closely marking your players, so finding open space for a break-away is a rarity.

- Useless teammates have a tenancy to wander away from the ball, while your goalkeeper loves diving the wrong way.

- Overall presentation is dull, and the lack of crowd noise makes each match feel like it's being played in a church.

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