Thursday 24 August 2023

Over Horizon (NES review)

Developer: Pixel, Hot B
Publisher: Takara
Released: 1992

Over Horizon is a side-scrolling shooter that was only released in Germany and Japan.

+ Always gives you an abundance of opportunities to power-up, so you're never left high-and-dry after losing a life.

+ Helper ships add strategy, as they can be placed in two different positions based on preference, and can block enemy fire.

+ Stage 2 evokes feelings of claustrophobia due to the cramped layouts and need to open gates while destroying enemies.

+ Boss battles are top-notch with immediately apparent patterns that rely on pure skill to defeat rather than memorisation.

+ Awesome graphics are on-par with Metal Storm (1991, NES) and there's lots of sprite layering to create environmental depth.

- Stage 4 features heavy slowdown and the knock-on effect is sprite flicker that makes it hard to see incoming bullets.

- Veteran shoot-em-up fans may find the gameplay too easy, and the music always sounds like it's interfering with the SFX.

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