Tuesday 22 August 2023

Noah's Ark (NES review)

Developer: Source Research & Development
Publisher: Konami
Released: 1992

Noah's Ark is an action-platformer that was only released in Europe.

+ Fun power-up abilities enhance the gameplay and provide you with a multitude of ways to tackle each stage.

+ Bosses feature huge sprites, while the levels usually provide several platform routes for you to navigate the environments. 

- There's little variance to the level design throughout and the constant screen-scrolling quickly wears out its welcome.

- Controls are atrocious, as running speed relies on momentum while you try to cope with unresponsive button presses.

- Awful collision detection and you'll often take damage despite clearly being several pixels away from a hazard.

- Most of the game's items are hidden and only found by either shooting blindly, or jumping around like a mad-man.

- Locating and accessing the Secret Rounds is fruitless, as on completion you're kicked back to the start of the level.

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