Monday 21 August 2023

Pocket Tennis Color (Neo Geo Pocket Color review)

Developer: Yumekobo
Publisher: SNK
Released: 1999

Pocket Tennis Color is a sports game that was also released on the monochrome version of the console.

+ Includes a whopping 19 tournaments, and the 10 characters have unique abilities to cater towards your preferred play style.

+ Easy to pick-up-and-play due to responsive controls that allow you to place shots with precision across all parts of the court.

+ Automatically saves your progress after each tournament, including a cool trophy case with date stamps of your victories.

+ Grass court features some stunning pixel art thanks to its lush greenery, and each match features a cool day/night cycle.

- On the other hand, the Indoor court looks dreadful with barren landscapes and graphics that resemble the Game Boy.

- Gameplay is rather basic and those hoping for extensive modes and a more advanced shot selection should look elsewhere.

- Unlocking all tournaments and trophies relies on changing the console's time and date, which is an unnecessary hassle.

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