Wednesday 2 August 2023

Rod Land (NES review)

Developer: The Sales Curve
Publisher: Storm
Released: 1993

Rod Land is a single-screen action game that was only released in Europe and Japan.

+ Level design tests your skills and reactions in inventive ways, and coming up with strategies in two-player mode is great fun.

+ Accessing each round's Extra Game by collecting all the flowers before killing enemies requires a more creative approach.

+ Multitude of ways for high score chasers to rack up points by learning some of the more advanced combo techniques.

+ Bosses feature completely different gameplay to the usual rounds, and take on genres such as shooters and platformers.

- Only includes 32 stages, so the adventure is over rather quickly and there aren't any difficulty settings to keep you playing.

- Enemy design is characterless and most opponents have no palpable qualities to make them stand out.

- The constant speech from your chatty main character gets old very quickly and the uninspired music is serviceable at best.

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