Thursday 3 August 2023

Tecmo World Cup Soccer (NES review)

Developer: Tecmo
Publisher: Tecmo
Released: 1991

Tecmo World Cup Soccer is a sports game that was only released in Europe and Japan.

+ 16 national teams are included and there's an option to continue your progress via a handy password system.

+ Gameplay and controls are easy to grasp and there's no noticeable slowdown despite the number of on-screen sprites.

- Extremely light on content and unlike other NES soccer games, there's no exhibition or penalty shoot-out modes available.

- Similarly, there's absolutely zero options to customise your play and you can't even strategise through subs or formations.

- Passing the ball is ineffective, as the CPU always seems to have a player stuck to your teammates like glue.

- Does a terrible job of auto-selecting the right player for you, and quite often your teammates will wander away from the ball!

- The celebrations after scoring a goal are so muted and visually unimpressive that you don't get a real pay-off for skilled play.

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