Saturday 9 March 2024

Driver - You Are the Wheelman (Sony PlayStation review)

Developer: Reflections Interactive
Publisher: GT Interactive
Released: 1999

Driver - You Are the Wheelman is an action-driving game that was also released on Microsoft Windows in 1999.

+ Missions are extremely varied (including some multi-part goals), and the precise handling of each car is impressive.

+ Often gives you several missions to choose from, which is a terrific idea if you're struggling with a specific objective.

+ The four worlds feel alive with cars and pedestrians, and there's little slowdown to go along with a good draw distance.

+  Fun extra modes for longevity (such as the chaotic Survival challenge), and the free run option allows for leisurely drives.

- Opening tutorial is brutal for newcomers, and the developers should have adopted a bite-sized learning approach instead.

- Tough to avoid police detection, as time limits are usually so strict that you'll have no choice but to run red lights.

- Difficulty is wildly uneven, and many early missions will test your patience due to overly aggressive police and time limits.

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