Thursday 21 March 2024

Super Runabout: San Francisco Edition (Sega Dreamcast review)

Developer: Climax Entertainment
Publisher: Interplay Entertainment
Released: 2000

Super Runabout: San Francisco Edition is a driving game that was released in Europe as Super Runabout: The Golden State.

+ Missions are enjoyable, with plenty of variety that sees you collecting items, destroying cable cars, and searching for bombs.

+ Lots of shortcuts to discover in order to shave off precious seconds, and there's a plethora of unique vehicles to unlock.

+ The city of San Francisco is beautifully realised with scenic routes and famous landmarks that act as a gorgeous backdrop.

+ Destroying the environment for high scores is fun, and the surf-inspired soundtrack compliments the madcap driving.

- There's only 16 missions (which typically take around 5 minutes each to complete) so there's not much lasting appeal.

- The Free Run mode doesn't let you drive around the majority of the city, and instead only includes four pre-set routes.

- Has an overall unpolished feel due to various gameplay bugs, as well as some clipping and collision detection issues.

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