Friday 19 April 2024

Gex (3DO review)

Developer: Crystal Dynamics
Publisher: BMG Interactive
Released: 1995

Gex is an action-platformer that was also released on the Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation.

+ Level design is above-average with multiple paths on offer and secret bonus areas to increase your life total.

+ Memorable moments include using portals to switch between dimensions, and a treacherous climb up a vertical structure.

+ A clever mechanic is how bug balls can either be snagged via your tongue for a power-up, or whipped to refill hit points.

+ Gameplay can be challenging at times, but the difficulty is fair and there's an abundance of health items scattered around.

+ Unlike the PlayStation and Saturn ports (which use a password system), the 3DO version saves your game to SRAM.

- Frame-rate is choppy and the camera moves in a jittery way that can be disorientating when making quick movements.

- Stage map is marred by an unintuitive interface, and having to select remotes to open levels is arduous.

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