Wednesday 3 April 2024

Pepsiman (Sony PlayStation review)

Developer: KID
Publisher: KID
Released: 1999

Pepsiman is an auto-running action game that was released exclusively in Japan.

+ Locales are a blast to navigate, with particular highlights being the residential streets and underground station.

+ Includes some fun diversions that see you riding a skateboard, or wearing a trashcan that reverses your controls!

+ Using the dash mechanic is exhilarating and it's hugely rewarding when you shave seconds off your best time.

+ Frame-rate is rock-solid and the action is entertaining once you learn the stage layouts and manage to collect all the cans.

- Only contains a measly four stages (with three acts each), so before you know it you'll be seeing the credits roll.

- Music is irritatingly repetitive, and the sweeping camera angles often makes it hard to accurately judge spatial distance. 

- Bizarre cut-scenes featuring a stereotypical, overweight gamer seem ill-advised for a supposedly delectable drink.

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