Tuesday 7 May 2024

Sega Rally Championship (Sega Saturn review)

Developer: Sega AM3, Sega CS3
Publisher: Sega
Released: 1995

Sega Rally Championship is a racing game that was first released in the Arcade in 1995.

+ Cool scenic views and well-designed courses that steadily increase in challenge as you move through the Championship.

+ For an early 32-bit game, it's seriously impressive how cars handle differently based on the type of surface being driven on.

+ Screeching around corners is endlessly entertaining thanks to the impeccable car handling and blistering speed.

+ Co-driver does a good job giving plenty of notice as to what lies ahead, and the overall draw distance is respectable.

+ Includes a multiplayer mode and you can fine-tune cars to your liking (e.g. handling, tires and suspension).

- Only four short courses in the entire game, so unless you're interested in two-player mode longevity is questionable.

- Completing the game in first place requires an almost perfect run, which might put off some casual players.

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