Monday 6 May 2024

Strahl (3DO review)

Developer: Media Entertainment
Publisher: Panasonic
Released: 1994

Strahl is a Full Motion Video (FMV) game that was first released on the Pioneer LaserActive in 1993.

+ Allows you to select the order in which you tackle the stages, which is excellent for learning the ropes.

+ Gorgeous anime visuals and animation with some terrific fight sequences, and there's a whopping 48 different endings.

- Gameplay is very easy (with no difficulty options) and you'll likely be watching the end credits within 30 minutes.

- There's no penalty for hitting the wrong input, which defeats the object of a quick-time, reaction-based game.

- On-screen button prompts don't usually match up with the FMV, and as a result you don't always feel part of the action.

- Video footage is overexposed, which washes out some detail and makes the button commands harder to see.

- Art design is inconsistent with its varying styles, and the static cut-scenes aren't an engaging method of storytelling.

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