Friday 21 June 2024

AutoBahn Tokio (3DO review)

Developer: Sanai Enterprise, Sanyei Shobou
Publisher: Panasonic
Released: 1995

AutoBahn Tokio is a racing game that was released exclusively in Japan.

+ Interesting and scenically diverse course design, and your fastest times are automatically saved.

- Anaemic content, and the Championship mode only counts single races rather than performance across all three courses.

- Frame-rate is shockingly low and borders on unplayable, while the poor draw distance results in lots of pop-in.

- Almost impossible to drive with precision due to severe under/over-steer caused by the single-digit frame-rate.

- Drift mechanic is unreliable, so you'll find yourself bumping into walls and brute forcing your way to the finish line.

- Some cars are pointlessly slow, and opponents drive too fast (and flawlessly) for you to even stand a chance of winning.

- Despite featuring five music tracks, only one will play on repeat until you change it in the Options screen of the main menu.

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