Saturday 22 June 2024

Starblade (3DO review)

Developer: HighTech Lab. Japan
Publisher: Panasonic
Released: 1994

Starblade is a rail shooter that was originally released in the Arcade (1991) and later ported to the Sega CD (1994).

+ Scenically, the battle territories are breathtaking and the trench runs / meteor showers are clearly inspired by Star Wars.

+ Better quality FMV than the Sega CD and you respawn at the same point here instead of being taken back to a checkpoint.

+ Mixes wide-open spaces with claustrophobic areas, and the boss battles take the form of huge, intimidating structures.

+ Distance indicator on the right-hand-side is a great motivator to keep you playing until you finally reach the destination.

- At times, taking damage seems unavoidable due to the sheer amount of incoming projectiles being thrown towards you.

- Game is extremely short (with no replay value) and unlike the Sega CD version there's no difficulty options.

- Includes a mode that adds texture mapped polygons, but the result is a lower frame-rate and jerkier cursor movements.

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