Saturday 29 June 2024

Crash 'N Burn (3DO review)

Developer: Crystal Dynamics
Publisher: Crystal Dynamics
Released: 1993

Crash 'N Burn is a vehicular combat / racing game that was a launch title for the 3DO console.

+ Decent course design and there's even a free-floating track that wouldn't look out of place in the F-Zero series.

+ Like Road Rash (1991, Sega Genesis), there's a huge amount of upgrades available to tailor your strategy for each race.

+ Ability to choose how long to stay in the pit-stop for repairs / reload is brilliant, as the race position map remains visible.

+ Some excellent graphical texture work / explosion effects, while the frame-rate and draw distance are respectable.

+ Tournament mode is lengthy and the game automatically saves your progress, weapons and earned cash.

- It would have been nice to see opponent's energy metres, as standard offensive weapons seem to do little damage.

- No multiplayer mode, and the screen flashing when enemies crash into your vehicle or use a Flash Laser is excessive.

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