Wednesday 10 July 2024

Magic Darts (NES review)

Developer: SETA Corporation
Publisher: Romstar
Released: 1991

Magic Darts is a sports game that only saw a NES release in North America.

+ Diverse range of modes to choose from and the game allows you to play solo, or against CPU / human opponents.

+ Playable characters add personality and figuring out how to perform their specific trick shots is fun.

+ Controls are intricate and offer you a huge amount of flexibility in terms of the placement of your throws.

- However, the controls can be difficult to master compared to the intuitive cursor movement of 180 (1986, Atari 8-bit).

- Doubles can be incredibly tough to hit and there's a steep learning curve in finding the ideal sweet spot when throwing.

- Missing a Tournament mode, which is odd considering you can play individual matches against the computer.

- Round the Clock mode only tasks you with hitting digits 1-10 instead of the full suite of numbers on the dartboard.

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