Thursday 11 July 2024

Motor City Patrol (NES review)

Developer: Source Research & Development
Publisher: Matchbox International
Released: 1992

Motor City Patrol is a top-down driving game that was only released on the NES in North America.

+ Arresting bad guys is fun, and the addition of public enemies ups the ante in your attempt to maintain a service record.

+ Performing well gives you points that you can use to upgrade your weapon, repair your vehicle or improve its capabilities.

+ Need to veer away from your patrol buildings leads to some anxious moments where multitasking is constantly required.

- While the map shows law breakers, it doesn't display which direction they're facing, so it's easy to accelerate the wrong way.

- Having to repeatedly pause the action to check where criminals are located is tedious and immersion breaking.

- Upgrading your top speed is utterly pointless, as your vehicle drives too fast for the screen to adequately keep up.

- Gameplay variety is lacking and once you've seen the first location there's little to keep you invested in progressing.

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