Friday 21 October 2022

Pandemonium! (Sony PlayStation review)

Developer: Toys for Bob
Publisher: Crystal Dynamics
Released: 1996

Pandemonium! is a platformer that was released a year later on the Sega Saturn.

+ Level design features sprawling locales that constantly entice you to explore by including multiple paths and hidden treasure.

+ Jam-packed with fun ideas to surprise you, and the playable animals switch up the gameplay in interesting ways.

+ The two selectable main characters have different abilities which forces you to tackle the stages in contrasting ways.

+ Difficulty is spot-on and the frequent checkpoints encourage you to keep trying while lessening any frustration.

- Enemy design is very drab with a cast of characters that strike a surreal chord rather than anything memorable.

- Camera doesn't always give you the best view of approaching enemies, and projectiles are often thrown from off-screen.

- The collision detection is inconsistent, as you'll periodically take damage despite clearly being outside of the hit box.

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