Monday 3 April 2023

Pool Friction (Nokia N-Gage review)

Developer: StormBASIC Games
Publisher: Nokia, Technobubble Entertainment
Released: 2005

Pool Friction is a sports game that was only released in Spain.

+ Music sounds almost identical to the track used on the PlayStation Vita home screen, which creates a relaxing, ambient mood.

+ While you can battle a CPU opponent, much of the fun comes from taking on another player via Bluetooth.

- However, each mode is extremely bare-bones, and the lack of a Tournament mode means you'll only ever play single matches.

- CPU plays at a good skill level and it's a shame that no difficulty options were included to assist newcomers.

- Managing to pot a ball requires a ridiculous level of accuracy, resulting in plenty of exasperated sighs.

- No option to add spin, and there's a strange occasional bug whereby a ball sitting over the pocket becomes invisible.

- Post-shot, the game usually lines you up facing completely the wrong direction, and turning the laggy cursor is a chore.

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