Friday 4 August 2023

NFL Football Trivia Challenge (Sega CD review)

Developer: CapDisc, Philips Interactive Media
Publisher: CapDisc
Released: 1994

NFL Football Trivia Challenge is a quiz game that was only released in North America.

+ Includes a selection of video footage to make the action more engaging, as well as some images to give you hints.

+ Rather than a straightforward quiz, the action mimics an NFL match as much as possible, almost in board game-like fashion.

- Single matches only and there's barely any customisation, plus you can't solely answer questions about your favourite team.

- Presentation is very dry (e.g. there's not even a half-time show), while the load times can be lengthy when setting up a match.

- FMV quality is extremely pixelated (even though the videos display in a small window) and the commentary is far too generic.

- Video clips of field goals are obviously taken from other stadiums rather than the home team you've chosen.

- Touchdown celebratory videos only play for two seconds and the crowd SFX are the same volume as gaining a first down.

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