Thursday 3 August 2023

San Diego Zoo Presents: The Animals! (Mega CD / Sega CD review)

Developer: Arnowitz Studios
Publisher: The Software Toolworks
Released: 1994

San Diego Zoo Presents: The Animals! is a Full Motion Video (FMV) educational program.

+ Huge range of media to delve into, including 60+ minutes worth of video, 2.5 hours of sounds and over 1,300 photos.

+ Concept is strong and those seeking knowledge about the zoo and its animals will find this a more engaging way to learn.

- FMV is surprisingly low quality given that the videos are already displayed within a exceptionally small window.

- Key feature is the guided tours, but the user has to click on everything manually which feels more like a lazy content dump.

- Most teaching points are done via boring text-only documents, leaving the rich media to stand alone without real context.

- User interface is extremely clunky and it's easy to miss content due to how poorly the icons are laid-out.

- While the audio clips featuring animal sounds are decent quality, the voiceovers are full of distracting pops and clipping.

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