Monday 4 September 2023

Picture Puzzle (Neo Geo Pocket Color review)

Developer: Success
Publisher: Success, SNK
Released: 2000

Picture Puzzle is a picross game that was only released in Europe and Japan.

+ Great value for money as it features over 200 puzzles and even retains your fastest puzzle completion times.

+ There's a real sense of satisfaction when you finally manage to beat a stage and the pixel graphic art is a nice reward.

+ Not only can you save your progress after each puzzle, you can also save mid-puzzle and reload at a later date.

+ Allows you to skip ahead to upcoming puzzles, which is incredibly handy if you're stuck on one of the trickier grids.

- Only 20 stages take place in the 5x5 grid and the jump up to 10x10 can be a steep learning curve for newcomers.

- Doesn't do a great job of teaching players, as there's no time penalty or visual clue when you make a mistake.

- No hint option to assist players with their next move, and you can't switch off the music and just listen to SFX.

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