Thursday 31 August 2023

Super Turrican (NES review)

Developer: Rainbow Arts
Publisher: Imagineer
Released: 1992

Super Turrican is a run 'n' gun game that was only released in Europe.

+ Game engine is highly impressive, as despite the blistering speed and abundance of sprites there's zero slowdown.

+ Arms you with exhilarating, heavy-duty weaponry and testing which gun works best in different areas is satisfying.

+ Laser weapon allows you to fire at unusual angles, while adding a slower-paced, more strategic element to the gameplay.

+ Level design is sprawling, yet never overwhelming, and there's a ton of secrets to be found if you take time to explore.

+ Later stages evoke trepidation by placing you in confined spaces with an alien theme that resembles Contra (1988, NES).

- Some areas feature leaps of faith into perilous gaps and frustratingly there's no checkpoints despite the lengthy stages.

- Screen requires you to be close to the edge in order to scroll, which causes unforeseeable damage on many occasions.

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