Sunday 17 September 2023

Body Count (Sega Mega Drive review)

Developer: Probe Software
Publisher: Sega
Released: 1994

Body Count is a Sega Menacer light-gun game that was only released in Brazil and Europe.

+ Item drops are plentiful, which creates strategic decision making as to whether to collect them, or keep attacking.

+ Gritty stage locales are a perfect backdrop for your battles, and the music compliments the action while upping the intensity.

+ Graphics are outstanding with chunky sprites, destructible scenery, great use of colour and some neat parallax scrolling.

- Never gives itself an opportunity to build tension, as there's literally a non-stop swarm of enemies from beginning to end.

- Considering you're always so overwhelmed, there's no logical way of defending yourself and damage is unavoidable.

- Regular enemies are enormous bullet-sponges from the outset, and feeling so under-powered sucks out much of the fun.

- Opponents show no signs of visible damage until defeated, meaning you'll often wonder if your bullets are having any effect.

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