Saturday 16 September 2023

Fire & Ice (Sega Master System review)

Developer: Graftgold Creative Software
Publisher: Tec Toy
Released: 1995

Fire & Ice is an action-platformer that was only released in Brazil.

+ Level design is above-average and it can be fun traversing the well-thought-out stages in the hunt for key pieces.

+ Each world has some nice verticality to its stage layouts and the game slowly introduces new enemy types and hazards.

+ Your weapon can be used to dispatch enemies in interesting ways, such as ricocheting ice pellets off an opposing wall.

- Only one feeble boss battle in the whole game and as a result each world has no real pay-off for completing its stages.

- Controls are extremely twitchy and the frame-rate randomly fluctuates, meaning precision platforming is a challenge.

- Camera has a tendency to swing around wildly, which is disorientating and can lead to players feeling rather queasy.

- Occasional issues with collision detection when attempting to shoot an enemy or land on a platform.

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