Saturday 9 September 2023

Bust-A-Move (Sega Game Gear review)

Developer: Santos
Publisher: Sega
Released: 1996

Bust-A-Move is a tile-matching puzzle game that was first released in the Arcade in 1994.

+ 100 stages on offer with a perfectly pitched difficulty curve, and there's even a password system to continue your game.

+ Stages are cleverly designed to challenge (and teach you) in unique ways, which is very rewarding.

+ Executing advanced shots (by analysing the structure of the puzzle like a game of Jenga) is endlessly entertaining.

+ Voice clips from the Arcade original are included (e.g. "Ready, GO!"), which enhances the game's personality.

+ Plenty of power-ups to keep things fresh and the two-player VS. mode (via a Gear-to-Gear Cable) adds long-lasting appeal.

- However, the frame-rate is also heavily reduced in VS. mode, which can lead to inaccuracy when lining up a shot.

- Occasional animation stutter when completing a level, and the shake effect when the rows drop is excessive.

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