Friday 8 September 2023

Fantasy Zone (Sega Game Gear review)

Developer: Sanritsu
Publisher: Sega
Released: 1992

Fantasy Zone is a shoot-em-up that's unrelated to the 1986 Arcade original of the same name.

+ Tons of enemy types, bosses are inventive, and the collectable coins add a great risk-reward element to the gameplay.

+ Allows for more experimentation than previous games in the series, as weapons and items can be equipped at any time.

+ There's often a large number of on-screen sprites and what's most impressive is that slowdown is kept to a minimum.

+ Upbeat music sets a great atmosphere while suiting the vibrant backdrops, and there's some great pixel art on display.

- Gameplay is extremely challenging due to the zoomed-in screen which gives you little time to react to incoming enemies.

- Unless you're moving at speed, the game forces you to inch perilously close to the screen edge in order to make it scroll.

- Mega-expensive Rocket Engine isn't worth the price of admission, as your ship's movement ends up being ultra twitchy.

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