Friday 15 September 2023

The Flintstones (Sega Master System review)

Developer: Tiertex
Publisher: Grandslam
Released: 1991

The Flintstones is an action-platformer that consists of four different mini-games.

+ Wall painting relies on constant multitasking (which can be engaging in a basic fashion) and the voice clips add personality.

- However, the game doesn't always register brush strokes, nor when you attempt to pick up the ladder, which wastes time.

- Collision detection in the driving section is awful and managing to avoid crashing relies more on luck than skill.

- Bowling is imprecise, as the side-view camera angle doesn't let you see how your character is lined up in relation to the pins.

- There's also no animation when the ball strikes the pins and the game seems to then spew out a random hit number.

- The final rescue mission features jumps that fail to register 50% of the time and some seriously uninspired level design.

- While varied, the gameplay masters nothing and there's only minute's worth of action before you see the lame ending.

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